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Project Description

September, 2009

Author: Julio Trujillo Leon

Instant solution for translation a word content in clipboard based on consuming
public web services of translation like Babylon or RAE spanish academy.

At the moment that you need know the translation of a word in any aplicaction that
suppourt the copy on clipboard, you may use Babel for a free transaltion in
example for english to spanish (foreign language). Althoug, you can consider obtain
at meaning of any word in your own languaje (native language), in example in spanish
knowing the meaning of a word in the RAE academy spanish.


The process consist in a copy to clipboard of a word an a shell
babel across a hotkey for invoke navigation window that uses the mentionated
web services, the window is shown and the transalation web service offers to you
the transaltion in a window.

The services consumed are public and free, and this solution is good becasue yo dont
need pay for a commercial service monthly.

The process translaters for "foreign" and "native" are totally configured on option
at tray menu.


You can activate the configuration to adapt for your specials services


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